The Entitlement Slave

By: Lewis E. Thomas

Today America is plagued by the entitlement mindset!
It is drowning our nation in ever increasing national debt!


We have "half of America" with their hands out for free stuff!
Citizens who will sell their own soul for freebies because they can't get enough!


Freeloaders who don't want to work and make an honest living!
Lazy souls who are always "taking" and "never" giving!


Folks who support democratic politicians who have kicked God out of every public place!
Politicians who trample the blood of Jesus under their feet and spit on his grace!


Folks voting for Democrats who support abortion killing 3,500 babies a day!
Democrats who support same sex marriage and the perverted transgender ways!


The entitlement system is "robbing" the working man and woman of their wages!
Giving it to the Freeloaders and illegal immigrants as the insanity rages!


Lost souls standing with Liberal Politicians "Loud and Depraved"!
"Not realizing" that to the Democratic Party they are just "Pawns and Slaves"!


Lord, open their eyes and show them that they are being played!
That the Democratic Politicians are controlling them like rats in a maze!



"Entitlement is a delusion built on self-centeredness and laziness."

~ Unknown