Redemption of Nation's Sin

By: Lisa M. Wenninger 

I look around at a nation lost...Lord they cannot see…
Beyond their selfish ambition, emptiness indeed.
We made life in America difficult, it's hard to understand.
Families no longer one woman, one man.
Children lost in confusion, television leads the way.
God was removed from homes long before today.
People trying to convince others, take God out.
We should decide our ways and what families all about.
Without God in homes, to guide their hearts.
Death is all around me as so many live apart.

From the plan He had intended, to live in Him.
Change doesn't start at the white house,
Change only comes from a heart within.
Lord forgive our rebellion, what we try to do alone.
Forgive our wondering hearts, roaming far from home.
Overcome this nation, with love sent straight from you..
Overcome each individual, bringing that change anew.
Father help us seek the lost, help us call to them.
Let us be the arms and feet, that reach a nation for you, again.
Let our voices rise with love, in determination to find..
the broken, the needy, those with sight-so blind.
Father give to us the words, love filled maps of hope.
Leading those who need you, on a road to home.
Guide those who seek you, in helping others find the way.
For a nation lost, we pray, each and every day.
With trust in You beside us, no doubt will stop this army,
no weapons against us shall win.

We are fighting in the name of Jesus..
For the redemption of nation's sin.



"The sins of Sodom and Gomorrah have become the 'American Way.'"

~ Unknown


“But outside are dogs and sorcerers and sexually immoral and

murderers and idolaters, and whoever loves and practices a lie.”

(Rev. 22:15)