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Ebook: The Word-Faith Movement

Just as there have been false and erroneous teachings since ancient biblical days, there is a great degree of duplicity and wide range false doctrines in today's church age. While there are false teachers within most ... if not all denominations and non-denominations, the goal of this book is to address a particular tight network of false church leaders who have established a movement that is rapidly spawning cultic doctrines within the body of Christ in epic proportions. It is this movement, more commonly known as the Word-Faith Movement that this publication will confront, expose and refute without restraints of political correctness.

The Word-Faith teachers addressed in this study are very high profile "celebrity ministers" who are televised on "The Trinity Broadcasting Network" (TBN) in addition to a vast network of other stations. These religious profiteers employ motivational techniques, smooth talk, and captivating charm; mixing lies with the truth as they mislead and financially rape the most vulnerable segments of our society. Sadly, they have numerous devoted, loyal, yet incognizant followers who are unskilled in recognizing the errors being perpetrated against them (2 Cor. 11:3-4, 13-15; Heb. 5:13-14). 

What follows in this book will be a history of the Word-Faith Movement succeeded by a contrast of Word-Faith theology, as espoused by these notable teachers, with a contextual analysis of the scriptures. 

Ebook: A Closer Look at Tithing

Tithing has now become so thoroughly entrenched in the vast majority of Christian churches that it is popularly accepted as a foundational truth without a careful study of the biblical and historical facts. 

This informative publication takes an in-depth look at many of the common misunderstandings about tithing. With theological precision, it will be shown that there are some dramatic distinctions between Old Testament tithing laws and today's tithing principles that are taught in our modern churches. We will examine the historical facts about tithing; the practice of tithing before the Mosaic Law; tithing during the law; whether tithing was enforced after the establishment of the new covenant, and much more. It will be proven that the indoctrination of monetary tithing as a law or guideline has no legitimate standing within the new covenant church.

As you study along, I highly encourage you to brush aside any preconceptions … and like the Bereans, carefully weigh the evidence and verify scripture in context. Many of you will be staggered beyond your imaginations by the routine omission of key historical and biblical facts by numerous leaders in the church. It will become evident that tithing as taught today is misleading and fraudulent.

Ebook: Women Serving as Pastors

In today's modern church age, more and more women are being ordained as preachers, pastors, ministers, and apostles. The goal of this book is to affirm the position that God exclusively ordained men to lead in the church assembly. Scripture is abundantly clear that God has established distinct roles for men and women in the home and the church. Unfortunately, the principle of leadership by men has been corrupted due to the infiltration of false church leaders, ignorance, and the secular feminist movement.

This issue should not be confused with an issue of male chauvinism, prejudice, or the suggestion that men are superior to women. By no means are women to be marginalized to any second class status. In Christ, women occupy the equivalent person-hood as men and bears God's image equally (Gen. 1:27). Men and women were created thoughtfully variant from and complementary to each another. Functional role distinctions have nothing to do with superiority or inferiority, but only with divine roles that God has appointed men and women to perform in the home and in the church.

Ebook: A Defense for the Unborn

In January 1973 the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Roe vs. Wade made abortion legal by reversing legislation against the criminal act of murdering unborn babies. In order to justify their positions, many pro-choice advocates who support the Roe vs. Wade decision, argue that a fetus is not a person and/or that a woman has a right to do whatever she wants with her body.


This publication addresses the immorality of abortion. It confronts some of the arguments of abortion, methods of abortion; and discloses some vital information about Planned Parenthood's founder, Margaret Sanger.

Ebook: Judging and Touching The Untouchables

"Do not judge me!" This blanket statement represents the political correctness of our day. During these last days we live in a weak, spineless, unethical society that tolerates and makes accommodations for almost anything. Many people would rather compromise truth for the sake of evading controversy. We're all supposed to just love one another and be united together in camaraderie. And those who express strong views that rock the boat of today's immoral policies of appeasement, are labeled as "judgmental", "divisive" and "unloving".


Unfortunately, this wicked, reprehensible line of thinking is very prevalent within many of today's churches. Many people do not take kindly to an evaluation of their "pastor’s" doctrines. When false teachers are dauntlessly interrogated by those who are proficient in sound biblical exegesis, they resort to a variety of tactics to avoid exposure of their erroneous teachings. One such stratagem involves the inappropriate use of Psalm 105:15 ("Do not touch My anointed …") and Matthew 7:1 ("Judge not ....").  The goal of this publication is to address the purposeful misapplication of these verses and gain a more accurate understanding of the right and wrong kinds of judging.

Ebook: No Continuation of Prophets Today

In the New Testament, the prophetic gifts were given to the Church during the time-frame of Pentecost in 33 AD and completion of the Book of Revelation by the Apostle John about 95 AD (some say earlier). However, much controversy and tension arises in the Christian Church of whether the existences of the prophetic gifts are still valid. This publication comprehensively challenges and refutes the argument that the prophetic gifts are legitimately functional in the church today.

It is important that we carefully examine the evidence in our endeavors to arrive at a proper understanding of the nature and duration of prophecy. Every believer should regard the Word of God as the highest and final authority for discerning every question.

Ebook: Refuting Creflo Dollar: His False Teachings on Tithing

The objective of this book is to address, examine, and refute the issue of tithing as it pertains specifically to a well recognized Word-Faith proponent. At the recommendation of a dear friend, I was encouraged to view a new two-part series on giving entitled "Being Free to Tithe", by Creflo Dollar.


Initially I was informed that Mr. Dollar repented and retracted his position on tithing. I must acknowledge, however, that such news was received with astonishment and skepticism given that Dollar is recognized as the most championed, deep-seated, pro-tithing advocate in modern mainstream churches. Nonetheless, I also acknowledge that people can change.

Did Creflo Dollar change his perspective on tithing? After watching the two-part series, "Being Free to Tithe", I must respond affirmatively; but only in a manner that supported my initial skepticism. Mr. Dollar still teaches tithing, but he utilizes a curse-less tactical approach coupled with his usual serpentine psychological and scripture twisting maneuvers.