My Child I Never Knew

By: Lewis E. Thomas

Would he have been tall and quick to give a hug?
Did my child hold the cure for cancer or another deadly bug?
Would he have become a Soldier defending the USA?
Or a powerful man of God preaching “Jesus is The Way!”


Were her eyes of blue framed with locks of gold?
Would she have quickly captured my heart and my soul?
Would I have cried on her Wedding Day so grand?
As I walked her down the isle to stand beside her man?


Sometimes at my table I prepare an extra place
Staring at an empty chair trying to picture this child’s face.
I never got the chance to know this child of mine
Abortion took them from me it was a heinous crime!


Now I have an empty void down deep inside of me
It is the place where this child’s love was meant to be.
Abortion kills the helpless little ones within the womb
God hears their silent screams as a dumpster becomes their tomb!


I have no grave to visit or pictures to hold onto
My heart is forever scarred by this child I never knew!
Abortion has resulted in millions of hugs and kisses lost!
“The only peace I find is at the foot of Jesus’ Cross!”


God has given me a promise that I now cling onto!
In Heaven I will get to embrace my child I never knew!




"The answer to a crisis pregnancy is to eliminate the crisis, not the child."  

~ Jennie W. French