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"Greetings from South Africa. I don't know if it's fair for you to go "heresy hunting" as it were. Now let leap to my defense, I admit that it is vital to expose those who stray from orthodoxy, as the bible clearly states that we are to hold fast to "sound doctrine" and "rightly divide the word of truth", but my problem lies in the fact that I don't believe there is a single pastor that has never strayed away from orthodoxy --- shouldn't you also name them as well? For instance, more that 90% of our churches out there still preach tithing, and make people feel guilty and admonish them that they will receive due and deserved punishment from God for not tithing. But biblically, you and I know that you cannot justify tithing under the new covenant - it just doesn't hold water or stand to biblical scrutiny. Shouldn't you name these as well?"

~ Sipho Masondo, Business Correspondent, The Herald/Weekend Post, From: South Africa

TDM: I agree with you in that no pastor's doctrine has been error free. On account that we are human, everyone is capable of making a mistake. However, those who have been truly called by God will humble themselves and submit to godly correction when they err.


There are numerous false teachers outside and within the church structure. It is beyond my means to name every false teacher. The false teachers that I unveil along with their corresponding erroneous doctrines are solely based on God's leading. In reference to tithing, you are correct. God never commanded Christians to tithe money or anything else. Yet, most churches today teach this doctrinal error. It is my personal opinion that most pastors who teach tithing are false teachers. They teach tithing for financial gain and/or they are biased because they don't have faith to believe that people will give enough to support them and the cost of building maintenance.


"The word refers to you as the unlearned. I hope that you can be teachable enough to receive truth from Jesus!"


~ Pat Hunt, From: Cincinnati, Ohio

TDM: Where does the Bible allude to me as "unlearned"? The Bereans, who were considered of noble character, searched the scriptures daily to test the teachings of Paul (Acts 17:11). No one's teachings, including yours truly, is beyond scriptural investigation. That said, I encourage you to study God's Word and point out my error.


"Thank you for this website, the scripture references are very helpful in bringing light to the error of WOF (almost looks like "wolf" right?). I was lost in this apostasy for more than half of my 39 years, but thanks be to God for giving me ears to hear and eyes to see the Truth hidden from me in plain sight. I credit my transformation to the Lord's Prayer that we pray every night with our special needs son. We started saying the prayer about 6 months ago, the power of God's word! Now that I have been set free from these cultic teachings - the word of God makes so much more sense to me now and all the scripture I have learned has come alive to me - I cannot get enough - I am reborn! Keep up the good work, as for me, I am going fishing for lost sheep, my Bible study girls whom I love dearly are way over their heads in this junk (wow! I am free of the negative confession bull!), God grant me patience in bringing them the Truth in love. It will take time to "deprogram". Are there any biblically based cult recovery programs out there? (lol) Thank you again and God bless you and others like you!"


~ Heather Zubiate, From: California


"Thank You bro. for your contribution to the Word of TRUTH! I have long had a "problem" with the Word of Faith movement and their doctrine of "blab-it-and-grab-it". I have followed SOME of their teachings that are correctly in line with God's Word and have allowed God to help me discern the wheat from the chaff. Balance is key. Any doctrine that puts almost all of the emphasis on money causes more harm than good. Be blessed"

~ Frank Coleman, From: Chicago, Illinois


"Thank you for exposing this evil deception. Keep going and don't stop. Satan may be loud but God will have the last say."


~ Rick Van Brunt


"Thanks very much for your article on Word of Faith Movement. I'm sharing it with my family, colleagues, and friends. We never knew what you exposed to us!"


~ T.P. Moeketsi, From: KwaMhlanga, South Africa


"Hi Victor, 

Wow Victor!!! First, I commend you for doing such a thorough study and sharing it. This is the first I've seen as that is unbiased and spoken (written) in love. You present the context of scripture objectively and I can appreciate that. While I too believe that God has NOT ordained women as pastors I have questioned whether they could teach. And I'm not speaking of teaching and exercising authority over the man either. But simply being able to expound upon Scripture. I myself haven't done a thorough study on this topic but I do love to study the Word of God. I have no desire to "teach" for the sake of teaching or exercising authority but simply to give truth when I have the opportunity. For example, when I learned the truth about tithing, I felt it necessary to share what I learned through the Scriptures so that others can come into the knowledge of the truth. I didn't feel condemn or anything like that as I did exactly what you did and that's present the scriptures objectively."


~ Angelina Latice


"I was involved in the WoF movement and after a number of years realized that their teaching was not in LINE with the Bible. I had my doubts and God has lead me to find this site. Blessing to you and your family." 


~ Allen, From: United Kingdom


"Very neat site; more important is the truth that you tell." 


~ Stephen, From: South Africa


"Thank you for taking the time out to research and for sharing the real truth on tithing. I feel like God has answered my prayer. God bless you." 


~ Monique, From: Georgia


"In the early years of my new life in Jesus Christ I blindly followed the teachings of the leaders in the church in regards to tithing. After approximately 4 years of tithing and constantly living on the edge of financial ruin I began to question the teaching of Malachi and started searching out all the scriptures related to tithing. It was then that I discovered that what the pastors were teaching did not resemble anything that the Bible was teaching. They were not rightly dividing the word and failed to make a distinction between the old covenant and the new covenant. It was 35 years ago that I quit tithing and God has never cursed my life (Galatians 3:13). I have had the opportunity to show a few of my Christian brothers the truth about freewill giving and every time they respond with a sigh of relief as though a heavy burden had been lifted from their lives. Lately I've been doing a lot of searching off the internet for material to help guide people to read. Yours was one of the most concise and clear articles I have come across and I am so grateful for your scholarly work done on this false teaching in the church. Thank you, Victor!"


~ Scott Pence, From: Twin Falls, Idaho

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