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"Hi Victor,
Great, great, great website. Sound doctrine and I rejoice in what the Lord is doing through you. Those men are part of this deception of Satan that has 'blinded the minds' of unbelievers and those who say, 'Lord Lord'. However, I see false teachers as the tip of the iceberg. Hardly anyone is exposing the witchcraft that is going on in most of the churches, even those churches that are not Word of Faith. I am talking about Freemasonry and the Eastern Stars. Every part of our society has been impacted by Freemasonry. They teach another Jesus, another Spirit, another Gospel, another salvation. Just go to any church and you will most likely see a deacon, pastor, elder, usher, wearing a Masonic ring or give you a Masonic handshake to see if you are a mason. These people worship the Devil. Washington, D.C. was designed by masons and these men are running many of the churches today. Just a thought; anyway I will continue to speak out on all error; and thanks for your service."


~ Gary Favors, From: Atlanta, Georgia


"Brother Victor,


I loved the website info on the word of faith teachers. I am covering this as part of a series on cults in our church this week, and your info is irrefutable ... especially the audio clips! Keep up the good work."

~ Errol Hale, Grace Bible Church, From: Moorpark, California


"It made me sick to read all these things these fakers say especially the threats. And then some folks wrote in to criticize you and stick up for the bad preachers. It's a shame. Some people will go down to the pit of hell all the while saying 'yes but I believed that preacher was real'. And those false preachers, rather wolves in sheep's clothing will say to Jesus 'I have cast out devils in your name, etc.' and Jesus will say 'depart from Me, I never knew you.'"

~ Mary Trucksa


"I was glad when they said unto me; let us go into the house of the Lord! It is good to know that there are others who seek the "truth"! There are so many false doctrines, and most of the "false prophets" mentioned on your site, was right at the top of my list! Thank you for shedding light!" 


~ Daryel, From: Sarasota, Florida


Keep up the 'Good Work'. The spirit of Anti-Christ is alive and well. I am absolutely amazed how people (sheep) are so easily deceived by these televangelists who are ravenous wolves in 'designer clothing'. The simple fact of the matter is that most will not do the homework (study) for themselves and let these charlatans who preach that 'poverty is a spirit of Satan'. The New World Order, which I believe is the infrastructure for the Anti-Christ is on the fast track of fruition. Thank you for this valuable information." 


~ Rick Campos, From: California


"Dear Mr. Stephens,


Your website is interesting and informative. For example: Word of Faith info and tithing. God's blessings to you.
The New Thought beliefs do contain truth. However, it is sad how much division amongst believers in Christianity there is and has been throughout history on so many aspects of our Christian faith. At least we all have the Savior to cover our transgressions. Praise be to God.
Keep up the good work. Tithing information was exceptional.

Thank you."


~ Louis Corona, From: Rochester, New York

TDM: I agree with you that New Thought doctrine contains truth. However, it encompasses some truth while other parts of its doctrines are diametrically opposed to the truth of God's Word. This issue holds true for Word-Faith theology as well as a host of other doctrines within the church and outside of Christianity. There must be some truth mixed within the lies in order for deception to succeed. I don't believe Christians should divide over non-essential matters (what to eat, what day to worship, for example). However, there are many doctrines that have been taught throughout history, and even in today's church age, where we should and must divide. God's Word commands us to test all teachings (1 John 4:1) by searching the scriptures for ourselves (Acts 17:11). Unfortunately, many of us have failed in this area. And this failure is one of a number of factors that have caused such divisions ... divisions among those who know how to discern truth from error from those who possess an undiscerning demeanor. An undiscerning mindset could arise from indifference, improper biblical exegesis, or pastorate/church worship rather than worshiping God. Division may not affect one's salvation. However, for those who place their faith and confidence in man (Psalm 118:8) and purposely tolerate false doctrines, their salvation may be questionable. God will not tolerate idolatry.


"Dear Mr. Stephens:


I just wanted to express my appreciation for your work on the Word of Faith (WOF) movement.


I have been working on a sermon concerning false teachers within the church and while conducting research I found your website. Needless to say, it was of immense assistance. Thank you.


The WOF teachers, particularly Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer, have had influence upon a number of Pentecostal/ Charismatic churches here in Japan (and throughout Asia) for quite a number of years. Even in the church (non-Pentecostal/ Charismatic) where I serve some of the members have been attracted to the 'down-to-earth' image that both these false teachers display. The names of other WOF teachers are known here as well (Hinn, Copeland, Schuller). On top of that, even in Asia (Korea and Singapore) other WOF teachers have risen among us.


While my ministry is not specifically focused on Apologetics, there are few teachers in Japan who have access to the information that exposes the false teachers for what they are. Therefore, a sermon concerning these wolves has to be given on a periodical basis.


God bless you and your wonderful ministry,"


~ Tony Barrera, From: Japan


"Dear Mr. Stephens,


I just spent the better part of three hours reading various materials on your website ... on tithing, on wolves in sheep's clothing, amongst others.  I used to be a lawyer, am pretty good at speed reading, so I covered a lot of other material, because it was so well-organized, and well-researched. I have seldom seen anyone whose bio shows no advanced education with such advanced expository skills.  The straightforwardness of thematic statement openings, the methodical listing of your points, the depth of understanding, it frankly surpasses mere mortal exegesis.  I think you are Godly-inspired. My own research into tithing, for instance, is so superfluous and cursory compared to yours that it is hardly worth mentioning. The "overlap" was minimal. Yours was comprehensive, truly a work of apologetics of the highest standard. The layout of your website is superb, too.


My last comment is that you showed good judgment in choosing critical letters and responding to them in the fashion that you did. The fact that these criticisms were perfunctory and not up to the standard of your articles is neither here or there, except to say that your responses were measured and diplomatic. You are, sir, quite a compliment to the army of true Believers out there. Thanks!"


~ Ron Hindman, From: Palisade, Colorado


"Hi, I just found your website. You have many interesting articles.


I looked up the definiton of "Bereans" and find this inforamtion from this link:


"They deny the Doctrine of the Trinity, a central tenet of orthodox Christianity, and this refusal to recognize the triune nature of God has resulted in a major impasse between the Christadelphians/Berean Christadelphians and the Protestant, Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox Churches."


Is this statement true that you deny the Doctrine of the Trinity?




~ Tina

TDM: In reference to the Christadelphians/Berean Christadelphians view of the Trinity, I do not share their perspective. I do indeed believe in the Trinity as pointed out on my "Statement of Faith" page. The Christadelphians/Berean Christadelphians are not the original Bereans alluded to in Acts 17:11. Likened to the Christadelphians/Berean Christadelphians, there are other groups who have adopted the "Berean" name, but teach legalistic and false doctrines. Even some of the early church fathers such as Eusebius, Irenaeus, and Justin Martyr taught false doctrines.This is why Paul stated in Acts 20:29-31, "I know that after I leave, savage wolves will come in among you and will not spare the flock. Even from your own number men will arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after them. So be on your guard! Remember that for three years I never stopped warning each of you night and day with tears."

As Christians, we must be like the original Bereans (Acts 17:11) who searched the scriptures daily to test Paul's teachings. Anyone can claim to be a teacher of God's Word or adopt a particular name, denomination, etc. However, at the end of the day, it is God's Word that has the final authority. And Scripture clearly proves the doctrine of the Trinity.


"I've been studying the Bible to equip me in proper ministry as I most of the times do sports evangelism. It's a challenge for me to talk about Christ, when the Christians I talk to sometimes go to these prosperity churches. And my worry is that hundreds upon hundreds of people go to these 'so called' churches. Anyhow, am not going to stop but instead boldly teach the Bible as it is! I know we are supposed to be apologetic and not leave room for Relative Christianity. Thanks for all you do, am gonna be praying daily for you and may God be with you."


~ Unknown


"Good morning Mr. Stephens:


I found this website and it seems very interesting to me since I observe that you are a big defender of healthy doctrine and do not tolerate false teachers of the gospel. We need more defenders of healthy doctrine of the Sacred Writings.


There is however, one thing I disagree.  I read your "Statement of Faith" page and discovered that you do not believe in Eternal Security. I am not trying to change your position, just want to enlighten us and reveal to us the correct interpretation of it.


Please, read in 1 John 5:10-13.


If you disagree. I would like to hear from you.


God Bless You."


~ Betty Martinez, From: San Domingo, Dominican Republic


"In the process of googling Myles Monroe (I'd never heard of the man who was killed yesterday), I happened upon your website (via a link).


First, I read through your beliefs. For the most part, satisfied (one exception: why not "once saved, always saved"; I've questioned this, myself); I then went on to other areas on your site, and perhaps you answer my question elsewhere. I really appreciate your thorough research (and confirmation of my long-held thoughts on tithing).
I often put myself in the shoes of a church service's newcomer and think what an uncomfortable turnoff it is to pass the plate and to hear the sermons on tithing -- as if God is a slot machine or sorts -- put in your coins and you'll reap a reward; or, if you didn't, maybe you didn't put in enough coins, so add more. Or it's your faith that's lacking; or you're being taught something ... etc
And, yes, I did look up several of your references (via biblegateway's site, superquick while sitting at the computer) in order to read the "before & after" of certain passages (so as not to take out of context).
btw, this: For it is clear that our Lord descended from Judah, and it regard to that tribe Moses said nothing about priests.  ~ should read "... from Judah, and in (not "it") regard to that tribe Moses said ..."
See? I was reading every word carefully & crosschecking as you suggest :)
Thanks, again; think I'll call my dad this morning and see if I can get some debate started early."


~ Christine Oestreich Herrera


"Brother ...


Your website rocks. So glad to be a co-belligerent against error.




~ Rafael Martinez, Spiritwatch Ministries, From: Hammond, Indiana


"I am a Sunday school teacher in Camden, Arkansas and was researching online the question "Why Cain's offering was rejected?" I found your revelation to be insightful and common sense approach. I do believe that the Spirit of God gave you this revelation and I appreciate your willingness to share with God's people.




~ Al Dodds, From: Camden, Arkansas

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