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"I read every word that you have written concerning women in pastor positions as leaders of the church. I agree with you totally. You have blessed my soul to find one man that would stand up for biblical truths without compromise. I know this is a lonely road to travel but we must stick with unadulterated Word. Thank You, I will see you in heaven if not on this earth before. I love you and appreciate you. Thanks again!"

~ Pastor Jerry Lindsey, From: Jackson, Mississippi


"This is a "testimony" not a "teaching" :) Thank you for your teaching on women pastors, as a woman I totally agree with scripture - Enough! No women pastors please!


You made mention of the Talmud in your teaching, correct me if I am wrong, but isn't the Talmud the written oral tradition of the Jews (men) that Jesus opposed, and not the Torah/Tanak of God, actual scripture? If so, then I do believe that the Talmud contains prejudicial teachings toward women learning scripture. However, God must have wanted women to learn scripture in ancient times, because as their children's first teachers, women were with their children all day while their husbands were at work. I believe that is why it was so important to God that the Israeli men not marry pagan women, because they would teach their children their pagan ways.


Whenever Moses addressed the Children of Israel as an assembly or congregation to give the words of God (or scripture) it definitely included women and children as well as the men. While reading through the Old Testament, I also found there were no women in the priestly roles, God spoke of the priests as the "sons" of Aaron, He did not include Aaron's "daughters" in the priesthood - all priests were Levites but not all Levites were priests.


As a "modern" married woman being pelted with the doctrine of feminism, I have struggled and continue to do so concerning the "submission" issue - the Bible reveals that this is just the flesh or the sin nature rearing its ugly head. For the most part I have never totally bought into women's liberation, but regardless that inclination is there, so I am learning to do as the Lord commands and crucify my flesh to His cross daily and when I do I find my life to be much more happy and fulfilling.

Unfortunately, I have learned through experience that when I give in to my flesh and resort to feminine wiles and manipulation to gain authority over my husband it ends in disaster, but he is so gracious and forgiving when I repent to him. Too many women out there, this may make me sound weak and a sell out to male chauvinism, and to that I say, "Woman, that is your opinion which means very little to me. Do you really want to be married to a "weinne girly man" who submits to your emotional whims? Not me!


I have simply chosen to submit to God's divine order, it is not always easy, and yes my husband makes mistakes but because I have chosen the Lord's way - submission to my husband, our Father makes it turn for the good, because we love Him and are called according to His purpose, and we are reaping the benefits of obedience - a happy, Godly home :)


So, it is my hope that more Godly men and women stand up to the pressures of a feminist driven society and firmly just say - 'NO'."


~ Heather, From: Whittier, California


"I am so excited about your website and am so glad you are on the internet. I got in a heated argument on Facebook about a pastor who is under investigation for hypocrisy. I've tried over and over to tell people not to judge, not to worship man but God and they don't listen. I even saw where a so-called Christian called out certain people in her family -- calling them lost souls and posting their pictures on Facebook -- how judgmental and arrogant. I thank you for posting the truth and can only pray that people will heed. I am amazed by the stupidity of people and this New Age Religion as I call it. People do not face reality; they do not call things as they are and worst don't read/understand the bible, but break it down as they see fit. I rarely go to church, as I am so disgusted w/the false preachers/teachers out there. This prosperity teaching is horrendous!!! I even used my grandmother as an example of true faith -- she had no desire for "worldly" things, did not live wealthy, but was very satisfied and trusted/believed in God. This is overlooked and the $$$ is what is sought. Preachers are forgiven for using/abusing people. I just Thank God for you."


~ P. Joan Henry, From: New York


"Great website. God bless you brother." 


~ Philip McCormack, From: New Zealand


"There can now be no doubt about it - deception is definitely on the increase within the church of the western world. This is now manifesting blatantly within the “New Mystics” Christian movement - but what does this reveal about some of the previous movements that they have built upon? As the bible has already warned us surely we should be aware and on our guard against such things."


~ Steve Dobbs


"I didn't read the entire article, but I agree with what the introduction and some of the conclusion was talking about. That's why I believe in the Lord's Church, the Church of Christ! I hope you're in it?"


~ Michael Johnson


"Great article! In my opinion, People have been complicating and twisting Gods word/will for centuries. All it takes to serve him is simple mustard grain faith. After all, we are the creation, he is God."

~ Len Peele, From: Federalsburg, Maryland


"This is very well written and all professing Christians (especially here in the west) need to know this. Have you tried contacting any of the ministers mentioned? It may be good to give them a chance to repent or respond (I know Mark Haville has contacted some in the past & Dave Hunt)."


~ Clint J Scott, Creative Director, Deep2Deep Productions


"I really like your Web Page!! But could you please explain to me why Joel Osteen would be considered a False Prophet. I listen to everything everyone else spoke which some are false and misleading but Joel, I DON'T KNOW.  He's a great man of God.  I'm just saying."


~ Connie Johnson, From: Stratford, Connecticut

TDM: The answer to your question is contained in my article entitled "The Word-Faith Movement: Wolves in Sheep's Clothing." An in-depth study of Word-Faith theology; and taking note of Osteen's citations/teachings clearly indicate that he is a false teacher.


"Pretty interesting stuff. TD Jakes is loaded. I am in Dallas. He has a lot of people in the gospel world that think he is an unbelievable pastor. I read a lot of Joyce Meyers stuff. She should not be limped in here with the creflos and all. Her teachings if you read her books are very positive and mentally and spiritually stimulating, and she is not really hawking getting rich. Being a Christina for only a couple of years I never heard of Creflo until I saw him on TV one night last year. I actually really liked his sermon. What I did not like was the send your money thing; and that is the theme in your paper of all these guys. I AGREE with you. This kind of "theology" is what turns the outside world off to being a believer, and has some people robotized. I really do not think Joyce should be in this group. One thing I found interesting about your paper is the first page. How true it is. It IS a shame these people are around. I enjoyed your paper. I just do not think Joyce is on the same page with the jakes and Creflos of the world. Keep doing what you are doing. People DO need to know the truth. God Bless."


~ Jason Glasser, From: Dallas, Texas


"I just want to thank you for this article.  I recently joined a church and have tried to tithe 10%.  It has become impossible to do so, as my financial situation won't allow it. And, now our church has a program going on asking us to pledge a certain amount of money for the next three years to pay for a new building.  I have been so discouraged about what to do in both of these situations.  I will now give what my heart tells me to give and not the 10% or the suggested pledge amounts. Thank you so much!"


~ Anita Hunter, From: Smyrna, Georgia


"Thank you for all the time & effort in producing this Word Faith document. This movement seems to be EVERYWHERE. Sounds good yet it is not in keeping with the Word. While I was aware enough before reading this article, I am now fully aware. Many thanks. May God keep you and continue to bless your efforts in holding to his word."


~ Deborah Rix, From: Lakewood, Colorado


"Dear Mr. Stephens,


I came upon your website when I did a Google search on "refuting the word-faith movement" and read one of your articles. I think you have a wonderful gift in writing, explaining, and refuting this so-called "brand" of Christianity. It truly is a shame that so much of their "theology" is exposed day in and day out in every media outlet imaginable. They swallow up believers because of their "health and wealth" gospel."


~ Danilo, From: Briarcliff Manor, New York


"I just wanted to write and thank you for fulfilling the great commission. There are not many of us out there today that search for the truth, and it's great to find other fellow believers who seek Gods true word! Amen!"

~ David Somers, From: Hudson, Florida


"Hello Mr. Stephens,


I wanted to say thank you for your insightful website." 


~ Randi Lunow


"Wow!!  Thank you so much for writing this article.  What an eye opener.  How misled the Lord's people are right now...and at such a crucial time.  It makes my heart so heavy.  I am sure that your article has met with much criticism; but know that this believer...this daughter of the Most High King is grateful for its wisdom.  With scriptural support from God's own word, it is quite a blessing.


May the Lord bless you and keep you." 


~ Judi Royston


"Unfortunately my wife is currently attending a "deliverance ministry" which is very "spiritual warfare" (binding Satan, casting out demons) and "word of faith" in its doctrine. Also the pastor is a woman. Not only that, but a woman Apostle! The church I attend is pastored by a graduate from The Masters Seminary and is very committed to teaching God's word through expository preaching, which of course to the other camp means there is no Holy Spirit involved. The reason I googled Savelle was I found his book Thoughts: The battle between your ear's in my house along with a binder with the books name on it full of notes. Apparently this is being used for their mid-week Bible study instead of the Bible. I guess God's Word is not enough. So I wanted to see who he was and your site was one of the results. Thanks for all you do and for the teachings you have on here refuting the one's like Savelle. I would appreciate any advice you might have for one in my situation. I try to reason with my wife, but I am not sure if I am going about it right. Thanks. Your brother in the Lord."


~ James Hull, From: Fairfield, California


"This website is very helpful to me and others like me who are babes in Christ and are trying to learn what is real and false. I been to church off and on since I can remember but never truly committed myself to God through Jesus. But I was saved in Nov.2009 after the passing of my son and God has been my rock through my sweet sons passing along with my husband. I call myself a babe in Christ because I am learning but am still trying to discern from truth and false teachings. I am a new creature in Christ but I still have the old me show up and causes me to stumble and fall but I have learned to be quick to repent and try to correct what has caused me to fall into the sin. There is nothing this world has that can cause me to make it my Heaven and cause me to lose the true Heaven and my chance to see my God and also my son, my momma, my daddy, my nephew and all my Heavenly family waiting for me there. I pray for these false teachers, these wolves in sheep clothing that before it is too late they come back to the Bible and Gods truth before because they may have achieved a Heaven in a sense with their money, houses, cars, planes, etc.but they can't hold onto these things or their human life forever. Their human life will end one day and then what they have here will be no more but their eternally life will be what is left and if they don't change and repent their eternal life will be in hell. I would rather have riches in Heaven and eternal life there. God Bless!"

~ Michelle, From: Ozark, Alabama


"I stand with you in promoting sound, Biblical truth and doctrine against the tide of postmodern, progressive, liberal beliefs and agendas which have permeated our churches and caused many believers to drift away from truth and from Christ. Thank you for your ministry. Keep up the great work."


~ Colleen Sahlas, From: Chicago, IL


"Fantastic site! Sound Biblical Teaching! Keep up the great job!"


~ Mike Bolduc, From: Boca Raton, Florida


"Thank you for your website, I recently resigned as worship leader after 6 years at a WoF. The female pastor follows Dr Leroy Thompson and the "Money Cometh" teaching. I knew something was wrong after we received a phone call Monday wondering where our seed offering was Sunday. Keep the information going brother. Blessings to you and your family."


~ Bill Shaw, From: Port Saint Lucie, Florida


"Praise the Lord for your love for the Lord and His Word! God bless you!!" 


~ Paulraj Athisayamony, From: Mumbai, India


"Fantastic!!! Keep fighting the good fight of faith - you will not lose your reward! I did share your expose on Word/Faith with my friend, and she was very grateful. Her eyes were opened, and it drove her to prayer for those trapped in that heresy. You have been given a wonderful gift from God. I will keep in mind your excellent articles on W/F, on tithing (AMEN, THANK YOU!!!), and on women pastors.
Since all wisdom and knowledge are hidden in Christ, keep looking to Him! Grace and peace to you and yours."

~ Carolyn Bivans, From: Middleport, New York

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