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"Hello Bro. Stephens,


I came across your site in my desire to learn the truth about the word of faith movement. I recently (actually today) left a word of faith church, my first and only time being associated with those guys. I can really relate with your article about the word of faith movement. Your article really confirmed other research I have done and God is truly good. I am going to share your site with a Pastor friend of mine and we are going to sit down and go through it. He has trouble with the word of faith movement also. My God continue to bless you and your family."

~ Kerry & Kourtney Coleman, From: Orlando, Florida


"I just came across your website after a Google search that I titled "Word of Faith Movement; Spiritual or Carnal". I haven't had the chance to read the article in its entirety (as I can't print the PDF file without some of the words being cut off & I don't have computer access at my residence as of yet. What I can say is of the parts that I have read, I definitely agree with what you're saying. There are really so many things that I could type concerning the Word Faith Movement, but I don't think either of us has that kind of time right now. I can say that I, too, was a part of a church that was Word Faith based dressed in Holiness/Pentecostalism. In short, it was (in a term I've adopted from some other website I've read) charismadolatry. They talked about God a lot, but two things I noticed (a little late & in hindsight, respectively) is that they desired people to worship them & desired earthly riches very strongly. They would dress up things that they did for other people in a package of false humility, all for attention (almost like a look at me kind of attitude).  I've planted seeds, but now I see that some of it was for the wrong reasons and it has cost me and my family a lot of money. I've often had a problem w/ the little "g" gods theory and I've found enough evidence in the Bible to prove that it's false (you've probably found it as well) and I'll send you what I've found if you would like to read it or have time to read it. I've also been called into the ministry in the area of teaching & preaching. I think that God has allowed me to experience some of these things to show others what not to follow and He knows that I'll tell it if it's true."


~ Larry Williams


"I am intrigued and interested in your understanding of the "Word" without anything other than a formal secular education. I myself, after having received the Lord Jesus Christ some 32 years ago have become somewhat dissatisfied with modern day "religions." Having been saved in an independent fundamental Baptist church 32 years ago and later moving to a Four Square denomination and finally "currently" attending an Assembly of God denomination for some 5 years now, have once again fell prey to the ongoing trivial acceptance of scripture from those who would say they are inherently ordained to reveal to me what is right and what is wrong. I stumbled onto your web page by quite accident and am intrigued by the understandings and the parallels by which I also perceive some of your teachings. I have been interested in finding a fellowship where I could find people of like desires and to the revealing of true scripture."

~ Charles E. Keller, From: Washington State


"Great site. I am in the process on creating a short overview of The 'Faith Movement' and your summaries will make the work less time-consuming. Our site is"


~ Bob Luthardt Sr., From: Baltimore, Maryland


"You are doing a good job shepherding the flock of Christ and revealing the deception in this age."

~ Arthur Jason,


"I have been ignorant of this Word Faith movement and have been doing daily prayer readings from Copeland's book "From Faith to Faith". I will not get any more Copeland material and cancel their magazine. Thank you for your website."


~ William, From: Queensland, Brisbane, Australia


"Dear Mr. Stephens:


GOD bless you and your family! You are an answer to my prayers. My wife has gotten heavily steeped into the Word of faith movement. I went to a local church with her today (Living Word Christian Center) and the pastor said we are robbing GOD if we don't tithe. This coming week we have Dr. Creflo Dollar coming to deliver a message. My wife is angry with me for questioning the health and wealth preaching of Mr. Dollar and Kenneth Copeland. I just printed your article on tithing and plan to read it. If you know of any other resources on this topic please let me know. GOD bless you brother!"


~ John Commers, From: Minneapolis, MN


"Dear Mr. Stephens,


I agree with you on the standpoint of women pastors. It is becoming more and more of them popping up across the nation and world now. There aren’t many real men who are willing to stand up and speak out against this. I personally feel the devil is calling these women and they have taken it to be God. Also with all of these women movements that have come about, I see how so many weak men are susceptible to this behavior of allowing women to take over. Even though it is nowhere in God's word people still accept this false doctrine."


~ James Hill, From: Reno, Nevada


"Brother I want to thank you for standing for truth. In a society where being politically correct is more important than being biblically correct, your voice is appreciated. I was a part of the Word of Faith movement for many years and thankfully God intervened and delivered me."


~ Walter Brertton, From: Alberta, Canada


"May God bless your efforts in trying to help believers discern the truth! There are a lot of false teachers out there leading many down a dark path."


~ Pastor Roscoe, From: Streamwood, Illinois


"Thanks for all the time and heartache you have expressed here ....... this is the best info I have found ....... you go get um. We're behind you."


~ Unknown


"Well written description of this dangerous movement.  I wish I had a printed version to highlight and use for bible study with my family. We had a deep discussion about this topic last week at work.  There are many Christian who are well aware of these false teachings.  We need more to stand up and speak out.  I never see any one on TV challenge this movement. One prominent Pastor who first brought this to my knowledge was John Cherry.  He has also been vocal opponent concerning these teachings. Thanks again."


~ Anthony Daniel, From: Prattville, Alabama


"I was looking for a Biblical rebuttal of the Word of Faith heresy, and came across your website.  I would like to thank you for taking the time to write such an in-depth article!  Thank you for exposing their rotten fruit, and providing so much Scripture to rebuke their lies.Your article against the Word of Faith movement was both incredibly educating and edifying.  I thought you'd like to know that you've definitely helped me as a believer, so I wanted to encourage you...  especially since I am sure you got a lot of flak for exposing WoF with all that disinfecting sunlight! I read your testimony, and Praise the Lord for removing you from the grasp of the "ministry" of Creflo Dollar.  The Lord has done a marvelous work in you and through you!"


~ Carolyn Bivans, From: Middleport, New York


"Brother, I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am for your commitment to cataloging so much information. It will be an immeasurable help for a new-comer to the Name/Claim mock-trines of today. I have been pouring over this website for two days, just soaking up the information. Thank you, also, for using God's Word so prolifically throughout. There is nothing that cleanses the soul so powerfully as God's Word (John 15:3)." 


~ Todd Sadler, From: Akron, Ohio


"I sent your article on women pastors to a friend of mine. We both came out of a 'Word of faith' church; and boy did we see nonsense. We thank God on a daily basis for people like you." 


~ Bev Markgraaff, From: South Africa


"Thanks for the info found herein. It's disheartening and encouraging at the same time. Keep up the good work. I am grateful that there are those like yourself who're willing to do a lot of the work and keep us other sheep better informed. Again, thank you."


~ Mark Harrington, From: Taiwan


"I just wanted to express my thanks for your article "The Word-Faith Movement:  Wolves in Sheep's Clothing."  Pardon me for rambling, but I thought I'd explain why I was so thankful, if you choose to take time to read it (postscript, below).  I'm sure you get many emails. This article couldn't have come at a better time in my life.

Thank you for your dispassionate, but critical look at the movement. Coming from the background I have, I have a hard time discerning if watchmen who bash teachers of aberrant teaching are really trying to help the flock or are trying to guard people against errant teaching.  I'm glad your article doesn't seethe of bitterness but seems to be written in love.  I hope that's the case in actuality, as well.  Because your article was written so logically, thoroughly, and calmly, I was able to take a step back and look at these teachings with a critical eye.  Because of the Scripture references you gave which contradicted those beliefs, I now find a lot of freedom in the fact that I disagreed with them. Thank you."

~ Netanya Martin


"Thanks for an excellent paper of the WOF movement. It is obvious that you spent a lot of time on it. I have placed your link on our church web page for our people to study. I have been preaching through 1 Peter and it is absolutely in contrast to the WOF message. Our people are hungry for Christian content and turn to TBN because there are few other options. Most of them knew something was not right but are glad to know the theology and history behind the message. Please keep up the good work and I will look forward to reading more from your page."

~ Tim Stutler, Pastor, Glasgow Cumberland Presbyterian Church, From: Glasgow, Kentucky


"God the Father is Word of Faith, Jesus Christ is Word of Faith and the Holy Spirit is Word of Faith so what's your problem? If you dig deep enough a fool is a moron - so how deep do you want to go? Try to tell God He isn't Word of Faith and he'll laugh at you or cry if He is your Father."


~ Ronald E. Bostrom, From: British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

TDM: As proven in my article, the nature and character of God has been perverted by Word-Faith teachers. Furthermore, their theology on faith, their atonement theology, and health and wealth doctrine is a far cry from what the Bible actually teaches. And that is the problem ... which is primarily an issue for which you and many other false teachers will ultimately be held accountable. I take it that it is much more convenient to engage in name calling rather than submit scriptural facts to support your position.


"I have read your article attacking the so called "Word-Faith" movement. I listen to the preachers you have mentioned on the website, and have been following some of their advice trying to get my salvation in order. And I can say it is getting back on track. I have tried getting my emotions in balance, improved my Bible reading and prayer life, and I'm a bit more confident about my faith. Then I read the Victor Stephens article. And, honestly, it has disturbed and confused me. Some of the things mentioned made a lot of sense, and maybe I had not questioned them as thoroughly as I should have. But I have a few questions; please don't think I am trying to attack you, or protect them. Once again, God's will is ultimate. We do not know who he has chosen for some blessings and others for some. And I do believe some of these preachers who keep calling for seed offerings, or using scripture to justify giving money, are wrong. What does this mean for us who are working hard, trying to get prosperous? I have been using Deuteronomy 28, and some verses in Proverbs to motivate myself with the knowledge that I will be wealthy and prosperous if I work hard, and keep in the Lord's will for my life. I was also using the blessings God gave Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and especially Joshua. Is this wrong, to try and get out of poverty? I've been praying for the Lord's will to be revealed in my life, and I know he will do it. I know he will show me the truth. Right now, all I can do is pray and ask Christ to guide me. Thank you very much."


~ Samson


"Praise The Lord that there are still THINKING Christians around!! Keep on warning The Body of Christ about these HERETICS!!"


~ Pastor Charles Simmons, From: Indianapolis, Indiana


"This article really makes me wander. I will continue to tithe, however, to those who truly need it. I believe God wants us to take care of each other but not greedy ministers. Thank you for the article."


~ Renita, From: Detroit, Michigan


"I was searching for some "evidence" to present to a loved one with regards to a particular preacher they know/listen to who believes & teaches that blasphemous little gods garbage. A Google search led me to this website. But before jumping to use the info found on this site to support my argument in (this very cordial) discussion, I made sure to browse thru some more of the site.... All I can say is "GLORY TO GOD"!!! It is an absolute pleasure whenever I come across one of the remnant whom YHVH has chosen out of this world, a brother/sister in Christ that loves the truth & seeks to please GOD before men [Gal. 1:10*] just as I strive to do until His Return (or my death, whichever comes first). May the Lord Bless & Keep you ... [Numbers 6:24]."


~ Eric Bradley, From: Orlando, Florida


"My wife and I were about ready to join a Word of Faith church after 2 years of attendance. During the membership class some comments were made about a Word of Faith minister talking to Jesus face to face. A check went off thanks to the Holy Spirit. God is good! I have since been reading everything I can on the Word of Faith and the false teachers. Unbelievable. Thanks for your site. It is really an eye opener on the false teachings WoF. We won't be going back and I am praying for the pastor's eyes to be opened to the truth." 


~ Scott, From: Montana

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