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"Hello Victor,


Thank you for your website. I found it very informative and will share it with people who need to know about these false teachings. I have always been wary of this kind of teaching which always appeared to me to be unbiblical. Sadly, some folks are drawn to 'signs and wonders' which appeal to the carnal side of human nature whereas self-discipline requires more commitment and real dependence on God and reliance on Jesus' sacrifice for us. I also looked at your site relating to abortion. I abhor abortion. How can it be right even in a human sense to kill unborn babies. I used to think ok I would never have an abortion when God showed me it was wrong, but I didn't have the right to stop someone else doing it, not my business.  Then God showed me (a number of years ago) Proverbs Chapter 24, Verse 11 & 12. After that I couldn't say it was none of my business and I set about telling anyone who would listen. Thanks again for your website."

~ Lynn Metcalfe, From: United Kingdom


"Hey Stupid,


Only you are the wolves among the sheep. Get lost!"


~ Viju Vinod Kanna

TDM: For some individuals, it is easier to provide an irate emotional response, resort to name calling, and ignore the facts rather than submit solid scriptural evidence to support their position or allegation.


"Thank you for your research and honesty on this movement. I am sharing this link on my webblog." 

~ Dr. Dwight Easler, Pastor: Corinth Baptist Church, From: Graffney, South Carolina


"Thank you for the time and effort you have put into building this site and exposing some of the wolves. I have done this time and time again on different forums. I am on and have been flamed mercilessly. How can people be such fools? Be Blessed." 


~ Jim Wright


"Wow! I hope you stick my picture and name and teachings on your website, I know that I'd be in good company with all my fellow Pentecostal servants of GOD."


~ Joseph Krautheim

TDM: Servants of Satan is a more accurate description of the individuals you reference. Rather than claiming that you are in "good company", I would state that you are in like company with your fellow servants of darkness since darkness has much in common with darkness. You are obviously one of Satan's ministers who is carousing in his own duplicity.


"Good job brother on the tithing teaching. Everyone in the Body of Christ needs to hear it. God Bless." 


~ George Price


"Help please! My wife and I have been in the Word of Faith movement for over 25 years. I just recently figured out that we have been led seriously astray. I want us to extract ourselves from this movement (and the rest of my adult family). I don’t know how to get her out of it. She is a steadfast defender of it. She really believes that it is the truth. Logic is of no use with her. She gets extremely upset just to talk about it. I believe if I continue to try and convince her that we have been duped/misled, it will mean the end of my marriage. I deeply love my wife. Ending my marriage is not an option. I find it harder and harder to participate in errant religious teaching. Any advice?"


~ Gary


"In searching for the truth, I believe that God led me to this site. Nothing but the truth will do for me, because I am a lover of the truth. As the Holy Spirit leads me into all truths, I am so amazed that the spirit of discernment is not working in so many so-called Christians today. Looking forward to reading your site. God Bless!"

~ Carolyn Garrett, From: Bronx, New York


Dear Mr. Stephens,


"As a recently "renewed" Christian, I am deeply appreciative of your article.  I have perused the religious channels over the last few months and have felt, in my heart and gut, that some of the preaching I was hearing didn't seem right.  I am very uncomfortable when I hear supposed experts in the Bible talk about deserving to be rich, them and us, on the backs of people that trust them.  And using scripture falsely to make their points is obvious to anyone who listens to them.  Other than your article I have not seen much regarding this extremely important topic.  Thank you for having the courage to come forward to try and expose the fraud. Some people must be so desperate to get out of debt and/or to become rich that they are ignoring the warning signs right in front of their eyes.  I am thankful to God that he put it in my heart and mind not to fall prey to this."


~ Maria Ponte


"Greetings, I was perusing your website and found it interesting and quite truthful.  I can certainly appreciate what you are doing in regards to the status of the church today. Please keep up the good work and follow the Lord faithfully. Blessings!" 


~ Bob Wise, Forgotten Word Ministries, From: Augusta, Illinois


"I am so glad that I am not the only one seeing these false teachers among us!!!  Please keep up the good work of warning to others!" 


~ Roy Rodriguez, From: Friona, Texas


"I ran across your website while doing research on the Word-Faith Movement. I'm doing a series of articles on what I believe are heretical and cultic groups within and outside of the church that I sincerely believe share many teachings and practices in common, and form the basis for the Apostasy that is being revealed to the discerning Christian today. Paul said there would be a falling away before the tribulation and I was curious as to how far along we are on that path of deception. I think many people will be surprised as I am myself finding out how entrenched are the intrusions of these false teachers in the 21st century church. I thank you for the time that you put into your research and your website and concur wholeheartedly with you about our tendencies today to be so "tolerant" of all kinds of aberrant teachings invading and even taking over our pulpits. We do need to call heresy by its proper name. Thanks again for your diligence and compassion." 


~ Dave Hewitt, From: Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey


"Take quotes out of context to fit your message is an old trick you seem to employ on you website! I would be careful if I was you. We are to judge by their fruits aren't we? What are your fruits?"

~ Elizabeth Fitzgerald, From: Australia

TDM: While it is true that quotes can be taken out of context in some cases, it is not true in this instance. I've heard the entire sermons that correspond with the quotes in question; and make no mistake; the Word-Faith Movement's citations are completely accurate. Next, judging fruit encompasses judging lifestyle and doctrine (1 Tim. 4:16; 2 Tim. 4:3).


"Hi, you have a great website. I really appreciate what you have done to compile all the heretical and greedy word of faith teachers in their own words.  Excellent work! Thanks again for a great site.  It needs to be translated into Arabic and Farsi, for the TBN goof-balls are beaming their heretical teachings to the Middle East."

~ Ken Temple, From: Lawrenceville, Georgia.


"I felt the bottom line you support is giving out of love and to those in need. Would that be true?  Do you feel it is the responsibility of a churched believer to contribute to the support the church to which they belong?  I ended up with the impression that you might not be a part of a church and therefore would not subscribe to that kind of accountability. For me, it is easier to cheerfully give a tithe and to give an offering according to how I am prompted by the Spirit, than to concern myself with all the reasons why or why not." 


~ Marilyn GS, From: Portland, Oregon

TDM: Yes, that is correct. I do not subscribe to a tithing system on account that God's Word does not support it. However, I do believe that Christians should donate to the upkeep and maintenance of a church facility. Furthermore, ministry workers are deserving of compensation. This should be accomplished through freewill offerings.


If it is your desire to give a voluntary tithe, then you have the freedom to do so. However, for anyone to teach that tithing is the standard of giving is teaching false doctrine; and that is indeed a concern for the body of Christ. The Holy Spirit will not command you to do something which is not based upon Scripture. Moreover, the Lord Jesus Christ does not want His Church supported by funds which have been illegally obtained. Church tithing is nothing more than a man-made doctrine which amounts to theft by deception.


"I was enriched by your articles supported by the Word of God. I pray to God that He raises people like you to expose these wolves who ravage the sheep. Continue doing the good works." 


~ Samuel Smiles Abraham, From: India


"My dear sister led me to the Lord and then introduced me to a small independent charismatic church. I loved this church. The worship was amazing. I felt the presence of God there every time I stepped through the doors. Everyone there were so filled with the joy of the Lord. Every week people came to share a testimony of what God was doing in their lives. Then something happened that changed that church forever. The pastor invited a man by the name of John Avanzini to hold a seminar on "finances". Well to make a long story short...once this false teacher was allowed to preach on the pulpit everything changed. It wasn't long there was a big fundraiser to build a bigger and better sanctuary. The focus of the churched completely changed. Slowly but surely the church with the heart for evangelism changed to the church with a heart for money and the things of the world. I was married at the time and this new deceptive doctrine caused my wife and me to leave the church. Some of my family remains in that church to this day. My recent return to God has opened my eyes to some of these deceptive teachings and it has given me a desire to get back to the basics with God. I don't want to settle for counterfeit, I want the real move of God's Spirit in my life. Sadly some of my closest family members are still caught up into the Word of Faith movement. They follow after (as did I) some of the very teachers that you are exposing on your website. I am so happy that I found your website. Your exposition on the Word of Faith movement is very well done. I have added your website to my favorite places list and will use it in my arsenal to expose the lies of these wolves in sheep's clothing. Thank you for taking the time to compile this information. Please pray that God will expose these men for the heretics that they are...and please pray for me as I go to battle to expose Satan's lies in the lives of my family members who have been deceived by them." 


~ Tom Meiser, From: Allegan, Michigan


"Thank you so much for all the information you posted on your web site. My question is this... I hate not being in church. But the churches I have been visiting all teach tithing. So should I go to the one that I feel is closest to the truth as far as praise and worship is concerned? And just give according to how the Holy Spirit has lead me and not participate in the tithing portion of the service? Or not go to a building as far as church is concerned. I have asked the lord to allow me to grow up in him and not just be a child of God but a son (I believe this denotes maturity not relating to gender).  It's a challenging place to not go with the status quo. I am tired of the religious and searching for the spiritual. I thank you for your time your study of the truth and your consideration in responding to this email." 


~ Gina, Cincinnati, From: Ohio


"I'm always looking for other fundamental Christians who want to warn others of Latter Rain. In my three year research I have discovered that Latter Rain is occultic as well as the Purpose Driven Life. Though seemingly plausible, deeper investigation reveals the occultic origin of both of these belief systems. Both are connected to the satanic agenda, "New Beginnings" that has permeated the charismatic and once sound fundamental churches. Transformation, paradigm shift, glory cloud, fresh word, and many other phrases identify this doctrine of demons. Many pastors are falling like dominoes for this deception. Tricia Tillen from Britain has done extensive research into this occultic influx that involves unsuspecting God loving people who are blindly following their "prophetic" leaders. The agenda on the horizon is to identify those who adhere only to the Logos as opposed the Rhema (written word of God vs. voice of God). Those who do not go with "the spirit" will be removed. (tribulation!) I ask everyone to read all that Tricia Tillin has on the internet regarding this dangerous New Age move that is bringing in the anti Christ." 


~ Jan Hawkins, From: New Orleans, La.


"This is very well written and very true. Many members of my family are involved in this false doctrine of the Word-Faith movement and are into babbling and seek to be "slain in the spirit." God Bless your Ministry."

~ Rick Campos, From: Whittier, California


"I ran across your website and added it to mine at Great stuff, I shall pass it around." 


~John Edwards, former WOF minister, From: Birmingham, Alabama




The Word-Faith movement is extremely dangerous to the believer, as well as those searching for the real Jesus Christ. I praise the Lord for your courage and concern for the spiritual welfare of the body of Christ. God bless."

~ Bud Press, Director, Christian Research Service, Jude 3

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